Northern Ireland

Part of Lough Neagh is in Antrim. It's the biggest in the British Isles! It's a freshwater lake too, and it supplies 40% of Northern Ireland's Water! It is also home to the Pollan. This freshwater fishy can only be found in 5 Irish lakes!

Ancient legend suggests that the kitchen of Dunluce Castle dropped into the North Channel. The spirits of the cooks who were in it at the time are believed to haunt the castle!

Belfast is the birthplace of C.S. Lewis, creator of the Chronicles of Narnia

The Giant's Causeway, named for the legendary giant Finn McCool (Fionn MacCuimhaill) is made up of about 40,000 hexagonal columns! Yes, I said hexagons. Scientists say the pillars were created from a lava flow, but would you rather believe what those scientists think, or would you rather believe Finn McCool heriocally assembled a causeway to fight a giant in Scotland!? I'd go with the latter, wouldn't you? ;)

The Titanic was manufactured in Northern Ireland's capital city, Belfast.