Absolution Under Fire

Do you know how the University of Notre Dame came to be known as "The Fighting Irish"?

 It is an amazing story.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, the military chaplain for the Union's famed Irish Brigade delivered general absolution to the troops before the final day of battle. In full view of the Confederates, and in mortal danger, Reverend William Corby prayed for the souls of soldiers on both sides.

After the Civil War, Reverend Corby returned to Notre Dame, bringing with him the name that General Lee himself had given with great respect to the Irish Brigade - "The Fighting Irish".

William O'Donovan, a former Confederate soldier who had fought at Gettysburg, sculpted this ornate bronze monument to the Irish Brigade which stands on the battlefield today.

This beautiful cross was blessed by Father Corby himself in 1888 to "hand down to posterity the bravery of our race in the great cause of American liberty".

Read more in this incredible book. You may be amazed to learn that Irishmen comprised 70% of all Civil War soldiers on both sides!

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