Republic of Ireland

Did you know Elvis Presley, the King himself, is Irish? William Presley (sometimes spelled Pressley) fled Ireland to North Carolina. He lived in Hacketstown which is located near the border of Carlow and Wicklow.

Not only does Elvis Presley have connections to Ireland, Walt Disney's ancestors are buried in Clonmelsh Graveyard, along with family members from Pierce Butler's family.

Although famous actress Saoirse Ronan was born in New York City, she was raised in County Carlow when she was a child.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering why the sky is blue? And not, well, purple, or -ooh!- green?  Well, John Tyndall of Leighlinbridge was able to figure it out, answering a question we've all been asking for a long time.

Pierce Butler, was one of America's founding fathers. He signed the American Constitution and represented South Carolina in Congress and the Senate. He was born in Tinryland in 1744.