As you may know, Ireland does not have a king. A president, but not a king. However, if you visit Tory Island, that's different.  King of Tory (oficially Toraigh, the Irish name) is Patsy Dan Rodgers.  It is part of the Cloughaneely Gaeltacht, but will speak English to visitors. The population in 2011 was only 144!

If I asked you what the most northernly spot in Ireland is, you'd probably reply with "Northern Ireland".  I mean, it does say it in the name, right?  Wrong.  Malin Head, the most northern part of Ireland, is in Donegal!

Republic of Ireland


Ballyshannon, in southern Donegal, is supposedly the oldest town in Ireland!  Nearby is Killybegs, Ireland's largest fishing port, and Bundoran, another nearby town, is a great vaction getaway, and great for surfing too!

Donegal is actually the only country in the Republic of Ireland that only borders one other country, Leitrim!