Holywood (not to be confused with Hollywood), is where Rory MacIlroy, the pro golfer was born!

Don't you just love a nice warm mug of hot cocoa during the winter? (With extra marshmallows, of course!)  Well, you can thank Sir Hans Sloane of Killyleagh for this warm and toasty treat! 

One of Ireland's oldest hotels is The Old Inn.  In fact, records of the inn date back to 1614!  Being only a few minutes from Belfast, it attracts people from all over!  It's also a popular place for wedding receptions and what they call "minimoons".

Patrick Bronte was the father of the 3 Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. His real name was Prunty or Brunty, but later changed it to Bronte becaused he thought his orignal name sounded too Irish. (How can someone be too Irish?)  He was born in Banbridge, County Down.

Northern Ireland