Republic of Ireland

James Joyce, a Dubliner, joked that a clever riddle would be how to cross Dublin without passing a pub.  Now you can, but it's pretty hard!  Dublin has 666 pubs, and you have to be 18 to drink alcohol.

As you might know, Ireland is famous for it's Guinness. But where have you heard that name before? What about the Guinness World Records?  The Managing Director of Guinness, Hugh Beaver, made the book to settle odd arguments he heard in pubs!

Ever wondered where the word "quiz" came from?  A popular theory was that a Dublin theatre owner, Richard Daly, was dared to create a nonsensical word in 48 hours.  One day, he gave his friends and staff slips of paper with the word "quiz" on them, and instructed them to write the words on the sides of building.  The people of Dublin had already acquired a meaning for the word, because they thought the whole thing was some kind of test!  Soon enough, all of Ireland was using the new word.

Baile Átha Cliath, means "town of the hurdled ford" in Irish.