Northern Ireland

Lower Lough Erne is supposedly home to the mythical "Lady of the Lake."  She holds a bouquet of flowers and wears a flowing blue gown.  If you see her, it is considered a good omen.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has ancestral roots in Fermanagh.  He made a famous trip to Ireland in 1995, and he was the first U.S. President to ever visit Northern Ireland! He was inducted into the Irish America Hall of Fame in 2011.

Marble Arch Caves is an area of natural beauty in Fermanagh.  Did you know that this place was home to the now extinct Giant Irish Deer?  A complete skeleton of this creature is now on display in the National Museum of Natural History.

The world famous Belleek fine parian china is manufactured in Fermanagh!  Most buy it as a wedding gift.  We sell Belleek here at Carrick Mor!

Rev. James McDonald from Fermanagh was an ancestor of Rudyard Kipling, author of the famous The Jungle Book.