Being New York, Being Irish

Being New York, Being Irish

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By Terry Golway

New York University’s Glucksman Ireland House opened a quarter-century ago to foster the study of Ireland and Irish America, and since then has led and witnessed tremendous changes in Irish and Irish-American culture.

Alice McDermott writes about her son’s Irish awakening; Colum McCann’s Joycean essay is a brilliant call to action in defence of immigrants and social justice; Colm Tóibín’s first visit to New York coincided with the first St Patrick’s Day parade led by a woman; Dan Barry reflects on Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes; and a new poem by Seamus Heaney written not long before his death.

Through deeply personal essays that reflect on their own experience, research and art, some of the best-known Irish writers on both sides of the Atlantic commemorate the House’s anniversary by examining what has changed, and what has not, in Irish and Irish-American culture, art, identity, and politics since 1993.

Hardcover, 216 pages

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