Fidchell - Celtic Chess

Fidchell - Celtic Chess

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By O'Gowna Studios of Ireland

Handmade Celtic Chess Set (AKA Fidchell )

The Celtic Chess Set is based on the ancient Irish game of ‘Fidchell’, devised by Lugh the Ildána, Celtic God of Arts and Crafts in the 9th Century. The four corner squares represent the four provinces of Ireland and the center square is the fifth province – Meath, where the High King sat on the Hill of Tara. 

The High King has eight defenders. There are twelve attackers. The objective of the game is for the High King to travel to one of the four provinces without being captured. With 12 attackers and only 8 defenders how is the King ever to win? Skill and wit, as ever, holds out! 

Game rules included. 

Board 29 cm x 22 cm / Squares are 2.5 cm / King is 4 cm / Pieces are 3 cm

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