Dolmen nativity
Dolmen nativity
Dolmen nativity

Dolmen nativity

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The Dolmen is one of the most famous landmarks on the west coast of Ireland dating back to pre-Christian times. 

This set is a combination of the many facets of Irish/Celtic culture known to many as the land of Saints and Scholars and famous for it's myths and legends. 

The Set is made from cold cast porcelain which is porcelain powder that is bonded to make the product both decorative and functional.

The Dolmen is a three-piece Item. The legs slot into the top.

The Dolmen Measures 4.75 inches high (12 cm) The depth is 4.25 inches (11 cm) The width is 9 inches (23 cm)

The Tallest figure is 3.5 inches (9 cm) (the wise man at the back of the photo)

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