Lunasa - The Merry Sisters of Fate

Lunasa - The Merry Sisters of Fate

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  1. Aoibhneas
    (Aoibhneas Eilis Ni Cheallaigh, Jimmy Ward's, Not Safe With A Razor)
  2. Donogh and Mike's
    (1 August, Windbroke)
  3. Killarney Boys of Pleasure
  4. The Merry Sisters of Fate
    (The Merry Sisters Of Fate, The Longacre)
  5. Iníon Ni Scannláin
  6. Casu
    (Asturian Air, Aires De Pontevedra, Muineira De Casu)
  7. Páistin Fionn
  8. The Minor Bee
    (Minor Slip, Ronde De Loudeac, The Red Bee)
  9. Scully's
    (Scully Casey's, The Dusty Miller)
  10. Return from Fingal
  11. Morning Nightcap
    (The Wedding, Morning Nightcap, The Malbay Shuffle)

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