Pride of New York

Pride of New York

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  1. Redican's/ The Gatehouse Maid/ The Road to Garrison (Reels)
  2. Taylor's/ Chief O'Neill's Favorite/ The First Light of Day (Hornpipes)
  3. Happy Days/ The Boys of Lough Gowna/ The Knights of Saint Patrick (Jigs)
  4. Sean McGlynn's Waltz
  5. Maud Millar/ The Morning Mist/ Lady Gordon (Reels)
  6. Slán le Máigh [Joanie's Solo] (Air)
  7. The Stage/ The Fiddler's Contest/ The High Level [Brian's Solo] (Hornpipes)
  8. King of the Clans/ Dan Breen's/ The Steeplechase (Reels)
  9. Redican's Mother/ The Bridal/ The Humours of Whiskey (Slip Jigs)
  10. Mulhaire's #9/ Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band [Billy's Solo] (Reels)
  11. The Old Cross/ The Clans (Marches)
  12. Sliabh na mBan/ The Liverpool/ The Quilty (Hornpipes)
  13. Considine's Grove/ Trip to Durrow/ Martin Wynne's/ Bere Island (Reels)

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