St Brigid & Other Amazing Irish Women

St Brigid & Other Amazing Irish Women

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by Lorraine Mulholland (Author), Matthew Jackson (Illustrator)

Ireland is the land of saints and scholars, but how many of them were women?

Lorraine Mulholland has penned an encyclopedia of Irish women from all walks of life who made a place for themselves in the annals of history as saints, scholars, healers and more! Staying true to the original stories as much as mythic and folkloric influences would allow, Lorraine aims the tales at young readers interested in learning about Old Ireland and its female heroes. Interactive chapter ends where readers are posed questions to build their understanding of these figures and their adventures make this book appealing in home or educational settings. Accompanied by riveting illustrations, the book is a must-have for budding Irish readers with an interest in history, mythology and folklore.

Hardcover: ‎220 pages

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